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 between history and legend, that’s why we celebrate the day of lovers  

The origins of this event date back to the paganism of the ancient Romans, to Chinese legends, to the tribal rituals of the African people. The answer can hit you like a boomerang: this event was born a long time ago right in Italy. In fact, Valentine's Day has replaced the Roman Lupercalia of Christian times, celebrated on the 14th and 15th of February.  

These were rites dedicated to fertility and not at all to romantic love, and so in 496 Pope Gelasius I, judging them licentious, dedicated 14 February to the cult of the saint and martyr Valentino, bishop of Terni, with the clear purpose of Christianizing the Roman holiday.  

The association of Valentine's Day with romantic love became strengthened within the centuries passing.

For example, in 1400, on the day of February 14th - anniversary of the martyrdom of Valentino - in Paris, the "High Court of Love" was founded, an institution inspired by the principles of “Amor cortese” or "Gentle Love", with the aim of resolving controversies, betrayals and violence against women.   

The judges were selected based on their familiarity with love poems.  


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