Ritratti Milano is a real hymn to the most authentic and refined femininity. Each proposal is a story, a container of creative enthusiasm, taste and a deep knowledge of the value of details. Ritratti Milano is today one of the luxury brands in the world of corsetry, lingerie and swimwear, an example of excellence of the most refined Italian stylistic culture.

The materials, subjected to constant selection, come from the best producers in the world. Instead, the taste, imagination and creativity of the stylists who know how to transform quality materials into a complete line of products that enhance the beauty of women all over the world are exclusively Italian.

The woman who chooses a Ritratti Milano garment is refined, one who prefers whispered and never screamed words, who knows the importance of details and the perfect façon. The quality of the fabrics and accessories used up to the knowledge of the workers and the noblest Italian manufacturing art represent a case of excellence.


Created in 1980, the Ritratti Milano is aimed at the higher end of the corsetry and swimwear market. The name Ritratti Milano expresses the goal of all the products in this line: to portray and enhance the femininity of every woman thanks to the shapes and intensity of the colors.

It was immediately a great success and sparked the spark that ignited the minds of customers who would never have thought of a real luxury product in haute couture also capable of guaranteeing such a perfect fit, a stylistic and technical prodigy that did not lack immediately gain a niche of very sophisticated admirers.


In 2005 Ritratti Milano invented the true icon of corsetry: the Star Cup® bra. An innovative bra that knew how to enhance the décolletés. Other innovations followed that went around the world and definitively proclaimed Ritratti Milano as an example of Italian excellence.


In February 2007, Ritratti Milano was elected "Designer of the Year" by the jury of "Paris, Capitale de la Création", a prestigious recognition, obtained thanks to the strong stylistic contents that Ritratti Milano was able to include in its collections and the constant commitment to research and use of high quality materials that have always distinguished its choices.


Since 2012 the brand has been owned by Tex Zeta based in Carvico (BG) Italy. The other brands of the company are Imec, Jaloe and Franca Von Wunster.

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